There are many reasons to study bachelor degrees at Cardiff University, but the biggest drawcard is the high standard of teaching. The university is ranked 5th in the UK and is regarded as one of the top 125 universities in the world. It was founded in 1883 and is recognised for its expertise in research. The university has more than 4,500 international students studying there because they know that graduating from such a world class institution will improve their career prospects. There are also subject-specific career advisers at the Careers & Employability Centre and they provide career advice for life after graduation.

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The second reason to study at Cardiff University is that there is so much more than getting a world class education. You can find out what more about what the country offers in terms of sight-seeing on the internet. The university offers 24/7 library access which includes a collection of rare books, microfilms and more. The university computer network provides students with 24/7 Internet access and there are restaurants, coffee shops and bars for relaxation. For staff and students with young children, there is an excellent day care centre which cares for babies of 10 weeks of age up to toddlers of 5 years of age.

A Place that Shines

There are far more than 3 reasons to study at Cardiff University. The third reason though is that you’ll be surrounded by excellence in every area. Apart from being just 2 hours train journey from London, you can know that the university’s research has already attracted many awards from top funding organisations and the university also generates more than £100 million each year from research grants. With so much excellence, its small wonder that the university is associated with people who have exceptional qualities, and 2 Nobel prize winners have been linked to this most extraordinary of universities.