This site is dedicated to the rich and vibrant nation of Wales with a focus on presenting the nation and culture to people from all over the world. Despite the fact that Wales is a rather small nation tucked in the southern west corner of the United Kingdom, it has its own language, history and traditional dishes that really make it stand out.

Of course, the best way to get a feel for Wales and some of the many things that make this nation so special is by taking a trip there. People who take the time to explore Wales will find a wealth of destinations that are sure to amaze and delight, from vibrant and modern cities such as Cardiff that feature endless entertainment opportunities to tiny traditional villages that are surrounded by large areas of untamed natural beauty.

People who enjoy soaking up the sun on the beach will also find that there are plenty of long golden stretches of sand to discover in Wales, which makes this the perfect place to visit in the sultry summer months. While Wales has long been a popular vacation destination with people from all over the United Kingdom and Europe, these days many people travel from much further afield to check it out.

Therefore, visitors to this site will find a large collection of articles that are dedicated to things to see and do while on vacation in Wales. This will help visitors to plan their trip so that they can enjoy a Welsh vacation they will never forget.