cardiff_bay_IMG_1587-2As the capital of Wales, Cardiff is also the party capital of the country and the Welsh certainly know how to have a good time. The city is loaded with traditional pubs, glitzy bars and live music joints, while the theater features prominently at St David’s Hall. Cardiff’s vibrant club scene is diverse and ranges from rave to drag and if you happen to be in the city when the Welsh rugby team are playing an international match at the Millennium Stadium, it’s hard not to get caught up in the ensuing noisy, yet friendly revelry; especially if they win.

Cardiff is a drinker’s town and there are some great areas to spend an evening in. People come from all over the UK to celebrate stag and hen parties, owing to its laid-back nature and reasonably-priced beer. Some of the favored areas are St Mary Street, which has a fine offering of pubs, bars and nightclubs and Queen Street, which is also a good bet. Those who fancy a quieter drink might like to try out Floyds.

The Welsh are well known for their vocal talents and many top bands were spawned here. There are several well known clubs in the city with live music nightly and some big name artists and lesser musicians can be seen. St David’s Hall is the number one nightspot in town for rock and pop concerts and is one of the UK’s leading centers of music. It offers an exciting and extensive year-round program which includes visits by some of the world’s foremost orchestras, soloists, and top international conductors. The Welsh National Opera can often be seen here and are widely revered the world over. In addition to St David’s Hall, Cardiff also sports several other smaller theaters. Cardiff is also home to countless exciting festivals and events which take place throughout the year in and around Cardiff city center.