Cardiff_Bay_at_nightWales’ principle city is an unusual mix of modern commercial areas and historic attractions. Several redevelopments have added a lively character to the city and it serves as a good launching point for the Pembrokeshire coastline and National Parks inland.

The impressive Cardiff Castle, built almost nine hundred years ago, is the centrepiece of the city today. Moreover, within its gothic towers is an opulent and lavish interior, well worth visiting. Settlement in this location can be traced back to Roman times and several ancient structures are found within the city.

One of the great things about Cardiff is because it is one of the largest cities in Wales, visitors will find everything that they could possibly want there. This includes a wide range of restaurants and other types of eateries that serve up cuisine from all over the world including traditional Welsh dishes, bars, shops, clubs, and much more.

However, Cardiff has managed to maintain its historical heart over the years and there is still a wealth of interesting old buildings in the city that offer visitors an insight into the history and culture of Cardiff as well as the rest of Wales. Most of the principal museums in the country can be found in Cardiff and many are open to the public free of charge.

People who have a love for nature will also find several lovely parks and gardens in Cardiff that make great spots to unwind for a while and soak up the sun on a warm sunny day. Cardiff Bay is also a popular place to head to when the sun shines and the natural beauty of this part of the city is lined with various types of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options in order to provide visitors to Cardiff with everything that they need.