Each tourist passing through Newport should check a few noteworthy museums and historical buildings, in order to understand the majestic past of the region.

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  • History Museum is the best starting point for anyone who wishes to learn everything about the history of Newport. The first settlement was registered in the 17th century, which formed as a society that was very tolerant to different religions. Beautiful videos will display a perspective on the past and the liberty of cult given to different nationalities.
  • Touro Synagogue, built in 1763, is the oldest synagogue built in the United States. It is also the only building of its kind to survive the test of time. The interior and exterior were designed by the first American architect, Peter Harrison. He achieved to combine classical architecture with the cult of the Jews. The monument is also linked to President George Washington, who assured liberty of faith to all nations in 1790, so it is worth a visit.
  • Samuel Whitehorne House contains a vast collection of furniture and interior decoration objects gathered in the personal collection of the premier. Every detail of the interior, starting with the silk coverings on the walls, painted by hand, up to the imposing cabinets is highly admirable. The garden area went through a restoration, and is today considered to be very close to the original layout.
  • Rosecliff castle’s impressive architecture is based on Versailles itself. The flamboyant style has a large ballroom, inspired by the grand mirror gallery of the French architecture. The Great Gatsby movie was filmed right within the walls of this building.
  • Marble House was given as a birthday gift by William Vanderbilt to his beloved wife Alva. Built in 1892, the building is rich in details, both at the exterior and interior: gilded woodwork, rich chandeliers, murals, ballroom encrusted in gold.