Ranked as no. 5 in the United Kingdom, Cardiff University stands out as one of the best academic institutions in Europe, providing high-quality education to over 30,000 local students and more than 4,000 foreign students. Cardiff University’s convenient location and the beauty of its campus are some of the features that make it an attractive place to learn; moreover, the financial support offered to less-fortunate students have made it a prolific institution.1134960_973bda50

These scholarships, which are offered over three years, grant the student with a sum of GBP 3,000 per individual scholarship. They are offered to those who have academic merit and undergraduates who decide to attend some of their courses in Welsh. Without the scholarship, a full-time UK or EU student would have to pay a total of GBP 9,000 per year which may be paid in three installments. Each year, Cardiff University provides around one hundred students with this financial benefit.

As in most cases, the idea behind putting these grants in place would be to develop certain areas of knowledge which are or will be necessary to the general sustainability of the country, thus ensuring a well-regarded academic reputation and overall better future for the country. These areas encompass a wide range of majors: archaeology, computer science, communication & philosophy, engineering, geography & planning, modern languages, religious studies, and Welsh, just to name a few of them.

Cardiff University is allied to the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol (Welsh National College), an institution that focuses on imparting education through the Welsh language in order to preserve Welsh as part of the national heritage. Through this college, Cardiff provides around 35 scholarships to students who wish to have their subjects lectured in Welsh instead of English. This way, with 66% of subjects in Welsh, the student gets the maximum financial support which is GBP 3,000; if they prefer to have most of their subjects in English, there is a scheme of GBP 500 a year for 33% of courses in Welsh. You can learn more about these scholarships for bachelor’s programs at www.schoolapply.com.

Visit enterpriseeuropewales.org.uk for further information.