With its 13th Century medieval style, the Welsh picturesque coastal town of Tenby has a lot to offer in terms of visitor attractions. Located to the south of Pembrokeshire, Tenby still preserves its ancient wall and middle-ages structure. The beauty of its scenic landscape makes it one of the most popular holiday destinations within the United Kingdom. Because of its popularity as a tourist landmark, local competition has given ground for higher food quality and customer service. A number of restaurants have adapted their menu to different occasions. Some of the best options are listed below:

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With its seasonal menus, the Blue Ball Restaurant in Frog Street is child-friendly and quite cosy.

For a more informal experience, the Buccaneer Inn and Hope & Anchor in St Julian Street have ample space, large portions, and a children’s menu.


Qube, in Tudor Square, is good for all kinds of occasions: from a light British lunch to a more filling brunch or dinner. The inner area has a fancier look and it is also very family friendly.

Academic Groups

The Ocean Restaurant is one of the top food & beverage establishments in Tenby. Specialised in seafood cuisine, the Ocean has two different areas; whereas the ground floor is suggests a more informal occasion, the top floor has a more fancy style.

Coffee Joint and Solo

The Mooring is a great cafe in High Street. As a family business, it has focused on keeping the tradition of a good customer service and the same quality of its products for many years. The Mooring is an option that allows the visitor to both socialise and have a quiet time over coffee on their own.

Unique Experience

With stone walls and dim lights, Plantagenet House has a cosy environment ideal for dates. It is located in Quay Hill, a small pedestrian street near the marina.