As the capital of Wales, Cardiff is a place that has seen the growth of its most deeply rooted cultural traditions. Being a Celtic country, Wales has a fair amount of interesting things to offer. Whereas its castles and cathedrals are rich in elements that take the visitor to the past, the marinas and parks nearby are recommended alternatives for tourist leisure.central_market_cardiff_-_geograph-org-uk_-_338744

Located to the south of Wales, this area is easy to access by car, rail, bus, and airplane. Its airport is well connected to several capital cities of Europe, as well as to other cities within the UK. The main bus and train terminals are conveniently placed in the city Centre, where most of the hotels and hostels can be found.

Once there, visitors and tourists can find a variety of options to suit every type of taste. They may choose between sailing in the outskirts and visiting parks and museums, or perhaps admiring the beauty of Castell Coch (also known as “The Red Castle”) and then entering a traditional pub for a musical evening over drinks.

A tourist can never miss the marvels that surround the City Centre. Swansea is another beautiful place not too far from Cardiff. Located at the south end of the Gower Peninsula, the Swansea area is surrounded by a number of delightful parks, as well as marinas that have been internationally awarded.

Travelling north and not too far from Cardiff, the port of Mostyn witnesses the arrival and departure of ferries which take hundreds of passengers to Dublin in comfort and style. It is a nice idea to travel from Mostyn to the capital of Ireland, thus experiencing the best of two Celtic countries.

Cardiff University also stands out as an excellent alma mater which offers a fair amount of grants, ensuring high-quality education for the less advantaged students in Europe. For further information, please visit